PCBDD Administration

Perry Hale

 Executive Director  

Perry originally relocated from the Chicago area to Perryville, Missouri in 1989 as a key member in the construction and development of a large manufacturing facility.  As Director of Operations, Perry was responsible for staff hiring, training, and facility operations.   

Perry, having been an upper level manager in the manufacturing field for over 25 years, was also an early pioneer in coordinating projects and establishing the production processes with many Sheltered Workshops across Missouri. In 2007 Perry was asked to be a member of the Perry County Board for Developmentally Disabled. As a board member, Perry was instrumental in establishing a new Targeted Case Management service and facility and guiding County Disability Resources in programs, policy, and procedure. In May of 2015, Perry stepped away from PCBDD to became Chief Operations Officer working with Life's-Bridges Inc. who provided Support Coordination in Wayne and Shannon County. In June of 2016, Perry was named Executive Director for Perry County Board for the Developmentally Disabled and County Disability Resources.

You can email Perry at perryhale@countydisabilityresources.org

(573) 547-6639 ext. #109