Senate Bill 40 - PCBDD


Our Location at 1404 Corporation Lane Suite #10 & #20

 The Perry County Board for Developmentally Disabled (PCBDD) is a government entity that takes great pride in working to properly administer county funds to aid those with developmental disabilities, as well as  and assist organizations that serve the developmental disabilities population.  Information regarding public meetings, specific times, and days is updated through the "About PCBDD" tab.

PCBDD was formed with the understanding that individuals with disabilities and their families often could use some help or guidance navigating the complex systems involved in finding services.  Working closely with the Missouri Division of Developmental Disabilities, PCBDD purchased and maintains a facility (pictured above) to house Targeted Case Management services, while also leasing space to organizations that serve the Developmentally Disabled.  

Lease space is available.  If you are interested in establishing a service for the developmentally disabled community, please contact PCBDD.  We would love to be involved in assisting with new services!



 Understanding the need for local case management services, PCBDD developed a Targeted Case  Management (TCM) agency for developmentally  disabled individuals called County Disability  Resources (CDR).  This service is commonly      known  as Support Coordination. Continue Reading...